2014 Grant History


  • First Graduate, San Francisco, CA – $15,000
    College Success Program
  • Global Glimpse, Oakland, CA – $10,000
    Bay Area Partner School Program, providing educational leadership and service-learning program
  • Mission Graduates, San Francisco, CA – $15,000
    Mission Graduates’ College Connect
  • University Corporation at Monterey Bay, Seaside, CA – $12,500
    RISE: Project STEM Exposure


  • VNA & Hospice, Monterey, CA – $10,000
    Hospice services for low-income families
  • George Mark Children’s House, San Leandro, CA – $15,000
    George Mark Pediatric Palliative Care Program

Outdoor Education

  • Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools, Felton, CA – $10,000
    Hands-on outdoor year-round and programming for Salinas middle school students, including an overnight week-long trips
  • Outward Bound California, San Francisco, CA – $10,000
    Outward Bound Bay Area Center, providing outdoor education programs for underserved San Francisco youth
  • Slide Ranch, Muir Beach, CA – $10,000
    Outdoor education for San Francisco youth ages 11-18
  • Treasure Island Sailing Center Foundation, San Francisco, CA – $10,000
    Summer Sailing Experiential Camp, providing low-income youth scholarships
  • The Watershed Project, Richmond, CA – $10,000
    Wild! Oysters program, providing underserved youth learning and experiences with native oyster restoration

Human Services

  • Season of Sharing Fund, San Francisco, CA – $2,500
    Support for families in need throughout the San Francisco Bay Area

Philanthropic Support

  • Council on Foundations, Arlington, VA – $500
    Annual operating support to provide annual conferences, information and legislative advocacy for all types of foundations
  • The Foundation Center, San Francisco, CA – $500
    Support for the library in San Francisco providing information on funders and instruction on grant seeking to the nonprofit community